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Logitech G19 Keyboard for Gaming

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 By Brian North, 5Bestthings.com Channel Writer
Logitech G19 Keyboard
The Logitech G series gaming keyboards have long been considered the gold standard among premium gaming peripherals. This is because of the very large number of macro keys that are available on the keyboard

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Description and Specifications

Logitech G19 Keyboard has new design updated to make this keyboard far more streamlined. Basic keyboard layout remains identical, but the multimedia and gaming keys have been moved about and the programmable G-keys have been doubled from six (on the 2007 revision of the G15, not the original which offered 18) to 12. Backlighting has also been reworked, but the single biggest upgrade is to a colour "GamePanel" LCD-screen with a resolution of 320 x 240..

New to this model (aside from the color LCD) is its capability to recognize five simultaneous key presses. Macro-happy gamers and digital artists, in particular, should appreciate that feature, which opens up a greater level of mastery to run repetitive commands. We're also glad to see that the G19 now has two powered USB 2.0 jacks. The G15 is stuck with USB 1.1, which is not as fast. Anyone who regularly transfers large amounts of data between a PC and a portable storage device or media player will benefit from that added bandwidth.

One of the Logitech G19's strongest selling points is its ability to record and perform macros, handled by a section of "G-keys" on the left side of the keyboard. Despite using the same 19.5" footprint as the G15 rev 2, Logitech was able to successfully squeeze in a second column of G-keys for a total of 12, falling in-between the G15's 18 keys and the second generation's meager 6.

Above the G-keys is a row of three M-keys that are used to specify which color and set of macros is in use for the current profile, making for a total of 36 keys per profile. Each profile is tied to a specific application or game and is automatically loaded whenever that application is in the foreground. It's also possible to bind multiple profiles to a specific application and then cycle through them with a user-defined keystroke, allowing for an infinite number of macros per game. The Logitech G19 gaming keyboard's LCD will automatically display a notification when a new profile is loaded.

The G19 also comes with built-in support for 46 PC games, and four different applications, including Ventrilo, the popular third-party voice chat software favored by many PC gamers. "Support" for those various titles means essentially that the screen will display different information, such as character stats and ammunition counts


  • Tiltable, color GamePanel™ LCD
  • Custom-color backlighting
  • 12 fully-programmable G-keys.
  • Two high-speed USB 2.0 ports The powered USB ports let you transfer data to and from peripherals—like MP3 players and flash drives—while also charging battery-powered devices.
  • Multi-key input
  • Game/desktop mode
  • Game/desktop mode

f you're a PC gaming enthusiast, Logitech G19 is the gadget to have. Powerful macro scripting, customizable key backlighting, and the best external LCD platform on the market make for a great keyboard.this what made it one of our recommended keyboards

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